1701 A.D.

1701 A.D. 2.03

1701 A.D. is the final instalment of the series of 1602 and 1503
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1701 A.D. is the final instalment of one of the market´s more comprehensive real-time strategy games as it gives you the ability to control an entire civilization with a detail level that few games have.

Its strong point is, above all, the resource management in all its breadth. To get wood you will need to build sawmills and a warehouse, for making bricks , a quarry and a craftsmen´s workshop and to make the most luxurious clothes for your citizens you will need to build sheep farms (for wool) and textile workshops.

1701 A.D. also has one of the best trading systems, as they have to build boats to bring goods that your citizens need. Goods can be bought with money or creating an alliance that will allow you to change other property.

In this title the combat system has been improved to make it more realistic, but it is not the strongest point of the game.

Finally, I have to say that this game has a good engine full of graphic details in the scenarios, such as gulls flying over your town. The only flaw is that when you zoom in, everything seem to be rather "stiff".

Review summary


  • Excellent resource management system


  • When you zoom in, everything seem to be rather "stiff"
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